Ben’s Personal Bio

Ben Trevathan and his beloved dog Meyer

Ben grew up with a cat and a dog. His love of animals has grown ever since. Over the years, he has raised three children to adulthood and enjoyed a household that was always blessed with the love of pets, including many dogs, some hamsters, a gecko and more than one horse. With his children out in the world, Ben has learned how important the love we receive from our pets has become in this country. His dachshund, Meyer, forms a key part of his family. If you are reading this, chances are you understand how much the love of pets has come to be a critical part of a growing number of American families.

After a long career leading companies in a variety of industries, Ben has turned his experience toward the challenge of building a public charity that seeks to enhance the new American family by building the bonds between humans and their pets.

Ben lives in Florida. He has a degree in economics from Northwestern University and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. During his business career, he spent years working in New York, Chicago, Kansas City and in Florida.