7 Dog Friendly Hot Spots in Orlando, Florida

Corgi at a dog park in Orlando, Florida

Central Florida is a great place to have fun for locals and visitors alike, and that doesn’t just apply to those of the human variety. When it comes to pet-friendly outings in the sunshine state, there is a wealth of options for dog enthusiasts. As the summer months come rolling in, feel free to take advantage of this awesome compilation, and don’t leave Spot at home.

1) Dr. Phillips Dog Park

Dog parks may not be the most novel suggestion when it comes to outings for our furry friends, but your dog doesn’t care about that. If you’re planning a day out in the Orlando area be sure to stop by Dr. Phillips Community Dog Park. This fenced play palace includes everything you could want from a dog park: water fountains, separate sections for small dogs, and the beautiful Dr. Phillips park, which has recently expanded its recreational area. This spot is sure to please you and your pup!

2) Downtown Orlando Farmers Market

If you haven’t been to the Farmers Market at Lake Eola yet, be sure to keep your Sunday open. The market is full of wonderful food and handcrafted artwork, not to mention an open-dog policy. Why not make a day of it and head out there for brunch at one of the best downtown dog-friendly cafes? (More on that later.)

3) Relax Grill at Lake Eola

Relax Grill is the perfect spot to grab some grub with your pup before heading off to the Farmers Market, mostly because of its choice position right on the banks of Lake Eola, but the food isn’t bad either. Whether you’re going for lunch or dinner, the menu is sure to please all members of your party, with great options like the falafel on pita and the Relax burger. Snag a spot on the deck with your dog and people watch as you fill yourself up. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

4) Dexter’s

For those of you in a brunch mood, Dexter’s serves up some of Sunday’s finest (Saturday’s, too). Located in charming Thornton Park, Dexter’s is a local’s favorite enjoyed by visitors that are wise to the neighborhood. The best part? Well, probably their Bloody Marys, but a close second would be their dog-friendly attitude! Oh, and don’t miss their chicken and waffles—to dine for.

5) Bark Avenue Bakery

So now that the humans are well fed, but what about the pooch? After all, this list is all about being dog inclusive. For a sweet treat for the furry fellow in your life, look no further than Bark Avenue Bakery.

Dog treats from a dog-friendly bakery in Orlando, FL

Your dog will love the treats available at Bark Avenue Bakery!

Bark Avenue has treats of all types to keep your pup happy and healthy, and they make specialty birthday cakes too! This is the kind of place that you and your pet can enjoy equally, which is always a plus, and if you’re looking for more pet boutiques, Woof Gang Bakery is also a sweet spot!

6) Splash Pads

With the summer months quickly approaching, any Floridian knows that the next few weeks could be brutal. Now, imagine suffering through that with a fur coat on. If you and your dog are looking to cool off, why not stop by one of the many splash pads in Central Florida? You might have to keep the pupster on a leash for this outing, but who said leashed dogs can’t have fun? Downey Park has a particularly good spot for splashing around, which may be a fun activity for the kids too!

7) Barber Dog Park

We’ve covered quite a few options for you and the dog in this article, but a tried and true favorite is always the dog park. Barber Dog Park is in a beautiful area and has fenced off zones for leash-free fun, but what sets it apart is the agility equipment on site. So get out there and play, guys!

We hope you can get out there and support some of these pet friendly places in Orlando this summer. Take the pup and bring the kids if you have them, because there isn’t any reason that your most trusted pal shouldn’t enjoy a day trip or two! Bring along the leash and some treats, and above all, remember to have an amazing day.

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